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How To Slim Your Waist And Hips With Simple Exercise?

Simple And Effective Exercises To slim The Waist And Hips

In a standing position, legs apart, back straight, stomach and buttocks tucked in, knees slightly bent and arms stretched out in front of you, move your arms one over the other in a scissor movement. (10 times)

  • In a standing position, feet apart, back straight, raise your hands to touch the back of your head. Then lean from one side to the other, bending only from the waist. (10 times each side)

  • The same exercise rotating the upper body but this time bending the arms and placing the fingertips on the shoulders. (10 times each side)

  • In a standing position, feet slightly apart, arms out to the side and bent at elbows, touch your left knee with your right elbow leaning forwards from the waist. Repeat with your right knee and your left elbow. (10 times each side)

  • Lie on your left side, stretching out your left arm beneath your head. Ensure that your feet, waist and hand are in a straight line. Raise your right leg, keeping it straight and carry out 10 scissor movements in an up and down direction. Repeat on the other side.

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